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Do You Take Your Dog to the Doctor Regularly?



We  are considered man’s best friend and many people consider we are a part of the family.

Many times humans  insist that their friends and your family see a doctor regularly. It is because you care very much for them and want to make sure they stay healthy.

pennyWell we are no different. We need to see our doctor on a regular basis as well.  A lot of dog owners only take their dogs to the vet when the dog is sick or injured.


It’s very important that the we dogs see the vet for regular checkups as well. Sometimes the emergency appointments are very costly and could have been avoided with regular visits to the vet.


 Reasons Why Taking Your Dog to The Vet is Important


ShotsWe  need to have regular shots in order to stay healthy. Our shots can prevent many diseases and can prolong our life span, so we can be around for a long time to come.

If we are  left unvaccinated, then we can easily contract diseases, which can be costly to you in the end in order to try to treat them.


Ear MitesEar mites are common with us dogs. It’s important for you our to have us be seen by a vet regularly to keep on top of these infestations.

The vet can determine how severe the infestation is and prescribe appropriate medication to help treat it.  If it’s left untreated, bacteria can grow within the tissues and find its way into our brain, possibly causing death.


Fleas and TicksThese are also common among us dogs. It’s important that they be treated right away as some ticks can cause us to become paralyzed . Our vet can help you determine how bad the situation is and provide the necessary treatments to keep the infestation from causing too many problems.


Worms – Worms are also common with us and they can easily be treated, but since there are so many different types of worm infestations and different treatments, a vet is more qualified to examine us to figure out which type of worm has invaded our body and what the best treatment is for us.


Dental Health – A vet will sometimes clean our teeth for you or explain the best way for you to clean them. It’s important for the vet to check our teeth to prevent bacteria from growing and getting out of hand.


Bacteria can cause all sorts of ailments for us, so keep on top of our dental health and prevent any costly treatments that you could incur if our dental needs are left unchecked.


Our health is just as important as any other family members is. Prevention of ailments is always the key to a long and healthy life, so take care of us and get us checked on a regular basis.


A vet is trained to recognize many different ailments, sometimes detecting them long before things go wrong. We  could live to a ripe, old age with the proper care and the watchful eye of our veterinarian.



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